CrossfireX: problems at launch, does not work on Game Pass, the team talks

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CrossfireX was made available today on Xbox, but a series of problems, including the inability to launch it from Game Pass. The team then spoke on the matter.

Through CrossfireX official Twitter profilewe can read: “Attention Mercenaries, we are aware of the problems accessing Operation Catalyst that some Game Pass members are experiencing. We are working on a solution to fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the patience and feedback “.

A map of CrossfireX

However, the inability to launch the game on Game Pass isn’t the only one problem. Fans, online, write that the game lacks content, has an imprecise control system, and is missing a whole host of options that are typically found in AAA shooter games. It seems that most of these problems are the result of bugs or simply deficiencies on the part of the developers, who have promised the introduction of new aiming settings and new maps. It also seems that the updates will take some time and will not be available before the beginning of March.

Finally, remember that the one available on Game Pass is only the first part of the single player campaign: the game is not yet complete. Finally, here is the launch trailer.

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