CrossfireX: The Remedy Campaign Analysis from Digital Foundry

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CrossfireX was analyzed on video by Digital Foundryin particular with regard to the Campaign developed by Remedyhowever, revealing some interesting features regarding the new first person shooter.

As noted by the British newspaper, while the CrossfireX multiplayer is developed on Unreal Engine 4, the single player of the Campaign is built on Northlightthe proprietary engine of Remedy on which Control is also developed, among other titles by the Finnish team.

Digital Foundry notes some interesting technical features used by Remedy in CrossfireX, particularly with regards to the use of the ray tracing: This is used for in-game reflections, particularly in Graphics mode on the Xbox Series X, while it is not present in Performance nor on the Xbox Series S, apparently.

In general, a good quality of global lighting and ambient occlusion is detected, as well as volumetric effects, all elements that contribute to a good quality level of the image, especially in interiors. On Xbox Series Xboth graphics modes have the resolution set at 1440p, while on Xbox Series S this is 1080p and Xbox One at 720p.

In all cases there is no dynamic resolution but temporal upsampling to 4K with a good overall effect, although obviously there is a certain difference between Xbox Series X and the other platforms. The graphics mode goes at 30 fps while that performance at 60 fps.

The analysis also finds some problems on Xbox One with a particularly slow loading of textures in some cases, as well as strange bugs such as one that disables motion blur when you put the game on pause. All in all, considering the amount of problems that emerged for multiplayer, which prompted the executive producer to write an apology letter to fans, Digital Foundry’s test of the single player campaign doesn’t seem to have gone that bad.

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