CrossfireX: Too Much Trouble, Executive Producer Writes Letter of Apology to Fans

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CrossfireX It was recently released on Xbox, but various problems immediately emerged. The bugs are so bad that executive producer – Sooro Boo – wrote one letter to fans to apologize and explain the situation.

Boo explains three problems related to CrossfireX: the problem of the sensitivity of the control system, the management of the Boogieman and the problems with the CAR-4.

It is said that the aiming control system it is subject to a bug, but part of the issue is related to the peculiarity of CrossofireX: the players have the feeling of not being able to control the recoil of the weapons and this difficulty will not be completely removed; the aiming correction system will be enhanced, but for some players it will still be complex to manage.

For what concern Boogiemanit is confirmed that it is too powerful: the ability to self-heal will be removed and the ability to continue earning points will be eliminated.

One of the characters from CrossfireX

Finally, it is confirmed that the weapon CAR-4 is prone to a bug that creates problems with aiming and shooting. The bug has already been fixed, however, so the fix will be introduced at the next patch.

In recent days there has been talk of the problems at the launch of CrossfireX that does not work on Game Pass, where, however, only the campaign is available.

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