Cyberpunk 2077: 60fps on Xbox Series S and PS4 trophy transfer to the studio

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After the controversy that has invested some aspects of the update of Cyberpunk 2077 as the cap at 30 fps on Xbox Series S and the inability to transfer i trophies from PS4 to PS5CD Projekt RED announced that it has launched investigations into the possibility of solving the two problems in the near future, even if there is no precise timing on the updates nor confirmation that these can be carried out.

In a new post on the official CD Projekt RED forum, Marcin Momo also illustrated what are the new problems currently being studied within the company, following the release of patch 1.5 which has finally made available the next gen versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Among the problems that should get a solution more quickly is the bug noted by some users that the disc version does not launch on PS4 after patching and PC launch crashes related to software issues, with both issues being addressed shortly (the latter also has a momentary workaround described in the post on this page, which requires you to disable any A-Volute, Nahimic or Sonic Studio River).

As for the medium term, still without the certainty that the issues will actually be resolved completely, CD Projekt RED has decided to aim for two issues to be resolved, possibly:

  • Increased frame-rate cap on Xbox Series S
  • Transfer of trophies from PS4 to PS5

On the second point, we reported that trophies cannot be transferred from PS4 to PS5, contrary to what happens in various other titles that make the switch and CD Projekt RED is investigating the possibility of solving the problem.

The other issue is instead related to the 30 fps cap currently imposed on the Xbox Series S version of Cyberpunk 2077, which also triggered a certain controversy. Many social media users have been asking the developers to have one 60 fps mode on Xbox Series S, even by decreasing the average resolution of the game. The team has decided to accept the requests and will try to find a solution.

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