Cyberpunk 2077: Digital Foundry video analysis compares PS5 and Xbox Series X | S with next-gen patches

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Last week Cyberpunk 2077 has finally received the long-awaited next-gen upgrade for free for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. But how does CD Projekt RED’s game fare on Sony and Microsoft’s flagship consoles in terms of performance, resolution and visual impact? Digital Foundry explains it to us in its new one video analysis.

As already reported in our technical analysis of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of Cyberpunk 2077, the most “neglected” version at the moment is the one for Series S, since there is only one graphics mode at 1440p (dynamic, with a minimum of 2304×1296) and 30fps, therefore without the possibility of having a higher frame count. CD Projekt RED said they are considering adding a new graphics mode for Series S.

On PS5 and Xbox Series XInstead, users can choose between the Quality preset, with dynamic 4K resolution, 30fps and ray tracing, and the performance one, with dynamic 4K, 60fps and without ray tracing. In both cases the glance for both versions is significantly better than the old-gen counterparts run in backward compatibility, as well as the loading times.

Despite aiming for 4K, the Quality mode actually renders on both consoles at 1440p, with ray tracing evidently taking away a lot of resources, despite being implemented only for shadows. In this sense, Digital Foundry states that the differences with the Performance mode are almost imperceptible in the outdoor areas, while indoors the upgrade is more evident. The framerate, on the other hand, proves to be stable on most occasions, but the problem with this mode is the high input latency, which makes it more difficult to drive through the streets of Night City or to aim accurately during shootings.

From this point of view, Digital Foundry suggests Cyberpunk 2077’s Performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Dynamic resolution is similar between the two platforms: PS5 hovers between 1260p and 1728p, while on Xbox Series X between 1382p to 1782p. The Microsoft console is therefore slightly ahead from this point of view, but the differences are also imperceptible thanks to the anti-aliasing filter.

The performances, on the other hand, are not granite for both versions, with drops recorded in the most populated areas of Night City, such as the market, while in the other cases the framerate is generally stable, at least in the situations tested by Digital Foundry. In general PS5 has more solid performance of Xbox Series X from this point of view, which however can take advantage of VRR to make the drops less impactful in the gaming experience.

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