Cyberpunk 2077, next gen patch spotted on Xbox Series X | S: download size

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It looks like the patch next gen Of Cyberpunk 2077 is now a sort of puffin secret given the various clues, to which is also added the sighting of the upgrade available for download in some regions on Xbox Series X | Scomplete with size reported.

As reported by the Xbox Studio Twitter account (unofficial), it seems that someone has already detected a large patch for Cyberpunk 2077 from the Xbox Store, with a substantial download from 41.5 GB which could contain the famous next gen upgrade.

The question is obviously not explicit, but it adds to the sighting of the icon indicating the optimization for Xbox Series X | S that emerged yesterday and the fact that the description of the build now mentions the gen9 as a technological base, or the new ones next gen console, so to speak.

The download size, on the other hand, seems to clearly indicate a major update and could correspond to the presence of new top tier assets for the Xbox Series X | S. In fact, in the past few hours we have also seen a nice tweet from CD Projekt RED which seemed to confirm the arrival of the next gen patch, as shown below.

Responding to Tom Warren, who indicated the presence of the distinctive icon of the optimization for Xbox Series X | S on Cyberpunk 2077, the developers had posted a gif that seemed to show some embarrassment in being discovered. However, everything will finally be revealed this afternoon, through a official livestream presentation scheduled for 3:30 pm today and that we will follow live on our Twitch channel.

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