Cyberpunk 2077: PS4 to PS5 upgrade is cumbersome, all smooth on Xbox

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Update the PS4 version Of Cyberpunk 2077 to that PS5 it’s free, but it’s quite cumbersome. Things are much better on Xbox, where switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series S or X is absolutely painless and straightforward.

Basic on Xbox everything is automatic. So, for those who own Series S or X, just turn on the console and will find the update installed without having to do anything, apart from waiting for the data to download. The saves will also be automatically ported to the new version. Power of Smart Delivery.

On PS5, however, the entire game will need to be re-downloaded, since the console considers it a separate application and not an update. The easiest way to get the next generation console version is to go to your game library screen, click on “Cyberpunk 2077” and select the PS5 version. You will know that you have downloaded the right version when the PS5 icon appears next to the game title in the dashboard

To carry the bailouts in the new version, however, the procedure is slightly more complex. According to the support page, you have to upload them from PS4 and download them from PS5, surpassing the requirement of being subscribed to PS Plus to use cloud saves. If you have played the PS4 version on PS5 in backward compatibility, there will be no need to keep the first version installed: the console will locate the saves and download them in the new version.

The process is not as complex as that of other titles, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers, but it is still more cumbersome than it should, especially in the face of the competition system that has automated everything.

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