Cyberpunk 2077: the metro is not among the CD Projekt Red programs

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Anything meter in Night City. CD Projekt Red has no plans to put it in Cyberpunk 2077. Anyone hoping for its appearance with some late patch will be disappointed. The metro will likely live forever in the paradise of cut features being developed.

Currently the Cyberpunk 2077 subways are simple stations that allow you to travel quicklyand among the various places of the city, without really being able to enter. In short, the classic fast-travel system, as seen in hundreds of video games. However, players have found several traces of an unused monorail in the game files and have repeatedly recalled how a system linked to public transport was present in the first promotional material, such as in the E3 2018 trailer. to ask if, by chance, the subway would ever be added with some post-launch updates.

The answer is no. To say it straight and round was Marcin Momot, the global community director of CD Projekt Red, who wrote on Twitter in response to a fan who published yet another clue about the existence of the metro:

I’m sorry I have to kill the rumors, but it’s no. There is no plan to add the subway to the game.

Momot then added, in the face of the fan’s disappointment:

No problem, but I repeat: it may not be the best of news, but we want to be transparent and say things as they are.

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