Danganronpa: The author is available for a fourth chapter, but not right away

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The series Danganronpa will ever have a fourth chapter? Kazutaka Kodaka, theauthordoes not rule out going back to it and has said he is willing to work on it, but only after realizing some ideas in his head which he has decided to give priority to.

Kodaka touched on the question in an interview with the Twinfinite magazine to talk about his new work: Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, also published by Spike Chunsoft.

Basically Kodaka wanted to make a new intellectual property and the publisher did not put pressure on him for a new Danganronpa. He himself did not ask to do it, for fear that they would tell him to do it.

This does not exclude that in the future Kodaka returns to the Danganronpa series, whose idea he doesn’t even dislike, but now he has other priorities:

“It’s not that I don’t want to do another Danganronpa, but I have a lot of ideas and I want to do something new. One day I might go back, who knows.

Danganronpa is a niche game and I’m working on something bigger right now, but it would be nice to work on it again in the future.”

Be that as it may, Kodaka does not want to go the safest route, focusing on already established intellectual properties:

“I’m not interested in doing the same things other people are doing. I don’t want to go the safest route. When people start forgetting about Danganronpa, maybe I’ll be more inclined to work on it again.”

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