Darkstalkers: greyming.cos Morrigan cosplay is vampire

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How much we miss Morrigan? Let’s talk about the character of the series Darkstalkersof the fighting games developed by Capcom, unfortunately absent for years on our screens, which here relives in the cosplay of greyming.cos, evidently a fan of the character, as well as an excellent vampire.

His is a very thorough job, with the costume which not only fully incorporates that of the vampire woman most loved by gamers, but also reproduces the wings, which cannot but be present in a self-respecting Morrigan. If you look closely, there is also the tail to add an extra touch to the whole. Obviously, the long blue hair could not be missing, which seasons everything with panache.

In the photo we see the cosplayer kneeling in front of a wall, on the occasion of Austria Comic Con.

Morrigan Aensalnd is one succuba dedicated to the most unbridled hedonism, a lover of fighting, which video game after video game, seemed to be becoming aware of itself. Too bad that Capcom has no longer followed up on her deeds, as well as those of all the other characters in the series, relegating her to some appearances in other titles. This is not how she treats a girl of 1678.

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