David Jaffe tries to arrange a date between Phil Spencer and a cam girl, who dreams of Jim Ryan

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David Jaffefamous especially as the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, has shared an (absurd) video in which – in the guise of a sorcerer – he tries to find out if a cam girl is the right girl for Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. The conclusion? The girl may marry Phil Spencer, but in reality she will dream of being her with Jim Ryan.

The video itself is presented as “I tried to set up a romantic date between the head of Xbox and a cam girl.” As you can see above, David Jaffe he dressed up as a sorcerer and asked the cam girl a series of questions. To begin, he asked if she played video games. She explained that she plays mobile video games and, in response to a subsequent question, she said that she recently played Diablo Immortal.

For Jaffe this is excellent news, probably because Blizzard is almost part of Xbox and Microsoft, always assuming that the acquisition were to be successful. Continuing, Jaffe asked the girl if a person who goes to war is attractive, specifically talking about console war. The cam girl then replies that she finds “console warriors” attractive.

The surprise comes at the end: the cam girl – always in response to a question – states that PlayStation gamers are sexier than Xbox gamers. Jaffe’s conclusion is therefore that the girl will marry Phil Spencer, but only Jim Ryan will be in her dreams. Even the closure is even more absurd, as you can see.

We have to be honest, we don’t know where this idea of ​​Jaffe came from, who is now a figure from whom one can expect everything, but as absurd as he is funny.

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