Dead Cells: Launched update with Boss Rush mode

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dead cells received a new one major update free, which introduces the mode Boss Rush, with which it is possible to face three or five bosses in sequence to unlock new items and to experiment with variants of the bosses themselves. Let’s see the trailer of the new mode:

To access the Boss Rush mode you have to go through a new door, opened in the initial area, the Prisoner’s Quarters, near where you enter the training room and the tailor (it is located near a boss’s head).

After the door there are four other doors that lead to four different stages: in one you will face three bosses, in the second three bosses with modifiers, in the third five bosses, in the fourth five bosses with modifiers.

Modifiers are new powers given to bosses, which are selected from the following tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Concierge, Conjunctivius, Mama Tick
  • Tier 2 – Time Keeper, The Giant, The Scarecrow
  • Tier 3 – Hand of the King, The Servants (final fight only, not the entire tower), The Queen

Stages with three bosses will have one of each tier (from lowest to highest), while stages with five bosses will have two tier 1 bosses, two tier 2 bosses, and one tier 3 boss.

The objects that can be obtained by playing the Boss Rush mode are: new weapons, new skills, new mutations, eight skins, a customizable statue and new legendary posters.

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