Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is free for PC on Steam, if redeemed within two days

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition and now free on Steamobviously in the PC and Mac version, as long as it is redeemed within the limited time period provided for by the initiative, which expires on February 16 at 16:00.

Available at this address, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition can therefore be downloaded for free by anyone with a Steam account and kept in the library forever, as long as the game is redeemed within the next 48 hours.

In case you don’t know, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is a new version of the game rebuilt with Unity but otherwise corresponding to the original, with the addition of some features such as developer commentary.

Dear Esther, in turn, started as a small project built with Valve’s Engine Source, which has become a real phenomenon as it is considered, in many respects, the progenitor of the sub-genre. “walking simulator”. It is in fact an adventure entirely focused on exploration and storytelling, without particular elements of challenge or puzzle.

In a fascinating and desolate apparently deserted island, the protagonist retraces memories and fundamental elements of his life by building a read to Esther, through which we live a decidedly poetic and reflective experience, underlined by the beautiful settings that characterize the island in question. Recently, the game was also offered on iOS.

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