Death Stranding 2 exclusively on Stadia? Hideo Kojima has denied the rumors

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During the latest episode of his podcast, Hideo Kojima has denied the rumors according to which Death Stranding 2 was aexclusive to Google Stadiabefore the announcement of the closure of the streaming platform.

As you will remember, the existence of Death Stranding 2 was confirmed months ago by Norman Reedus and many think that the recent teasers of Kojima concern precisely the new episode of the series, which will see the participation among others of Elle Fanning And Shioli Kutsuna.

“I’m on good terms with Phil Harrison for a long time, since Metal Gear Days when he was in Europe,” explained the Japanese game designer, commenting on the rumors reported in recent days on the 9to5google site.

“The rumor that Death Stranding or even a sequel to it was in development like exclusive to Stadia it’s unfounded, and Phil would have rejected it is impossible,” continued Kojima, who said he has never spoken to the executive about a similar project.

In short, it is not clear where these rumors originated from, but we should soon find out what is really in Kojima’s future: it is now taken for granted that the author will be The Game Awards of December with his next title.

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