Deep Rock Galactic: update 1.08 available, here are the changes

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Ghost Ship Games has released the patch notes of the new update of Deep Rock Galactic. Precisely, let’s talk about theupdate 1.08 (or 1,000,008 in the case of PS5) which includes a number of changes and fixes.

Let’s see the details of the patch notes of Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.08: “Hi Miners, there is a patch coming that greatly improves backup and restore of saves and also activates the cross-gen save transfer function.” More precisely, the list of changes is composed as follows:

  • Added a backup system for saves, available in Options -> Saves -> Restore save
  • Added support for transferring save data from PS4 to PS5, which can be found in Options -> Saves -> Reset save
  • A warning sign will now be shown if you have a backup save with higher progress than the one currently loaded when you enter the main menu

A scene from Deep Rock Galactic

In our review, we explained to you that “Deep Rock Galactic is the classic title that plays alone and yields a fraction of what it does in co-op. In fact, the entire game has been designed to encourage team play. The hub area itself. shouts “let’s do it in company” from all the meshes. The essence is that if you don’t have friends to share it with, or you don’t like looking for adventure companions in the vast network, just forget about it, because you risk being overwhelmed by the repetitiveness of the missions and the game structure, which certainly does not offer great surprises, despite the refined mechanics and a certain tension created by the arrival of the hordes. If you have friends, or if you manage to integrate into the splendid community formed around the game, get ready to one of the best cooperative experiences in recent years and perhaps ever. “

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