Demon Slayer: milkey_cos’ Daki cosplay is charming and merciless

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With the end of the second season, this gorgeous is worth watching cosplay Of Dakione of the main characters of the latest events seen in the beloved series Demon Slayer. It was made by milkey_cos, a Russian cosplayer full of grit and talent.

As you can see, the cosplay made by milkey_cos it is truly perfect in all its details, both in the costume, in line with the demonic one of the original character, and in the attitude, equally cynical, ferocious and aggressive.

Even the hairstyle, including accessories, is taken care of to perfection. In short, we are faced with a very rigorous and very successful representation of Daki, which not for nothing has entered the hearts of many spectators.

Daki is a demon who goes after his victims in a red light district, posing as a high-ranking sex worker. She is a very powerful enemy, as she is one of the Crescent Moons, i.e. part of the demonic elite. Her ways of hunting consist of sucking up her victims, then devouring them calmly at a later time.

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