Demon Slayer, the cosplay of Tengen and her cougar husbands is flashy

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Tengen is certainly one of the most important characters of the second season of the anime series Demon Slayerso you will be pleased to see it in a cosplay of our darling Panterona who, in addition to replicating the costume in a striking way, has also decided to add a significant detail: three husbands.

If you have seen the series, you will know that Tengen is one of the Pillars, the strongest among the demon hunters, which has as its main characteristics the glamorous showiness, which he constantly reiterates, and three wives, which he sends to work in pleasure houses. to discover a demon. Panterona has decided to overturn her point of view a little, keeping her glamorous aspect, but transforming wives into husbands. In fact, they are very showy too.

The costume itself is taken care of above all in the upper part, that is in the hairstyle and in the accessories, the rest is instead not present or covered by the water, since our heroine has decided to interpret the character by staying almost completely immersed in water, to take the “royal” pose, happy to be venerated by the three men who surround her.

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