Demon’s Souls 2 imagined from a fanmade trailer in Unreal Engine 5

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Demon’s Souls 2 has not been officially announced, but many fans would like to see it and Enfant Terrible has tried to imagine what the game could be like in Unreal Engine 5 with a spectacular trailer fanmade.

After the similar creations dedicated to Dino Crisis, The Witcher 4 and Resident Evil, we can also observe here a very accurate realization, in particular during some sequences of the video.

The “volcano” and the cathedral of the first seconds are truly evocative, and the monster that is inside the scenario is equally striking, while the trailer shows a tracking shot that alternates between interiors and exteriors with few moments of uncertainty.

As we got to write some time ago, that setup for Demon’s Souls is the formula for a perfect remake, and it would be really interesting to find out what FromSoftware could do in collaboration with Bluepoint Games for a possible sequel.

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