Demon’s Souls for PS5: in the remake there are 4 items yet to be discovered

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Demon’s Souls for PS5 is an exceptional remake from a graphic point of view and very faithful and respectful of the work of FromSoftware. However Bluepoint Games has hidden some goodies among the game files and apparently they are still there four objects that have not yet been discovered by the players.

At least that’s what Lance McDonald says on Twitter after carefully examining the files of the exclusive PS5.

“Blupoint Games has added some new items in the yet to be discovered Demon’s Souls Remake,” says McDonald. “If I knew how to get them, I would. I just know they exist in the game data. If there ever is a PS5 jailbreak maybe we will be able to find out the truth, but for the moment all I know is that there are 4 items not yet. discovered and what they are called. ”

Obviously it is not excluded that the elements in question are extras discarded by Bluepoint Games in progress and whose “remains” have remained among the game files. However, shortly after McDonald’s discovery, he stepped forward Peeve, a rather well-known content creator in FromSoftware’s souls environment, who claims to know the nature of one of the four aforementioned objects and what he has to do to get it. In short, there could be some particularly interesting implications in the coming days.

As mentioned at the beginning, Demon’s Souls for PS5 is a very faithful remake to the original, but that hasn’t stopped Bluepoint Games from adding some interesting extras. For example, with a series of very unintelligible steps, it is possible to open a secret door and get the armor set of the Penetrator boss.

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