Destiny 2: Bungie asks fans to admit cheating with cheats, in a questionnaire

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Bungie has made available a survey dedicated to Destiny 2 and one of the questions is practically asking players to admit cheating in the shooter using cheats.

As reported on Twitter by Tom Warren, of The Verge, Bungie asked the following question in the survey: “Has cheating impacted your experience or feelings about Destiny 2 in the past month?” Among the answers are the classic “I have seen the use of cheats” and also “I have heard of online cheating”. Some answers, however, are “I used cheats to gain advantage” in PvP and PvE.

In all fairness, we believe few can really admit in an official Bungie questionnaire that they cheated in Destiny 2 using cheats. Tom Warren also jokes by citing the classic “It’s a Trap” Star Wars scene.

Considering that Destiny 2’s Queen of Whisperers expansion is on the way and that the number of players who have pre-ordered it is enormous, it’s understandable that Bungie is worrying about the possible use of cheats, which would ruin the experience for many fans. .

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