Destiny 2: Season of the Reborn Trailer, The Whispering Queen expansion is now available

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Today Bungie kicked off a new chapter for Destiny 2 with the launch of the expected expansion The Queen of Whispers and in conjunction with the start of Season of the Rebornof which a trailer which you can view in the player above.

With the launch of Season 16, Destiny 2 players will now be able to begin earning new Season Ranks. This season, the Guardians will work with Caiatl, Empress of the Cabal, to thwart Savathûn’s plans and defeat hordes of hive units with Light that threaten humanity and the solar system.

Below are the details of Destiny 2 Season of the Reborn, as reported in the official press release:

  • PsiOp battlefields. The Guardians will locate and capture the Lieutenants of the Shining Hive in the solar system. Then, with the help of Caiatl’s most trusted psykers, they will enter the psychoworld, a psychic plane where thoughts manifest as physical reality. He neutralizes the glowing hive and captures Savathûn’s lieutenants to proclaim victory.
  • Seasonal Artifact: Synaptic Spear. The Lance Synaptic uses Caiatl’s technology that allows you to suppress the Light. Penetrate into the minds of the hive and break their connection with the Light. Upgrade the spear to access powerful new modifications and customize your play style.
  • Exotic enterprise. Investigate anti-Caiatl psionic propaganda originating from a bunker on Mars and unlock the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher. This breech-load grenade launcher releases three energy waves upon contact with the ground and can change elemental damage with reload, just like the exotic Hard Light and Borealis.
  • All Destiny 2 players will be able to take advantage of the free Void 3.0 update, implemented with the launch of the Queen of Whispers expansion and Season of the Reborn. The new update to Destiny 2’s elemental power set adds natures and shards to the void subclass, just as it did with the stasis subclass in Beyond the Light.

The Queen of Whisperers, the new expansion of Destiny 2, is available today for PC, Stadia, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The Guardians will have to face Savathûn, goddess of the hive, to claim the power of the Light. After more than a year of uncovering Savathûn’s deceptions, Guardians will now be able to explore her mysterious seat of power: the Three-World, the new destination of Destiny 2. Here the challenges will be numerous. Among these, facing the Shining Brood, the hive army capable of wielding those same powers of Light that have characterized the guardians for centuries.

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