Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers: more than 290,000 contemporary players at launch on Steam,

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Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers registered more than 290,000 contemporary players on Steam, hitting the Destiny 2 record, missed by only 2,500 players. This is the second best launch ever for the series on PC. Considering the age of the game, that’s a great sign.

In truth, Bungie had already boasted some great numbers for Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers, booked more than a million times by players. In short, Destiny 2 still seems to have a large following of fans, eager to continue their adventure.

The best Destiny campaign
Venture into Savathûn’s throne to find out how she and her glowing hive have stolen the Light. You create new weapons, wield the glaive and survive the truth among the lies.

New destination
The throne of Savathûn, a twisted place of corruption and splendor, reveals a fragile balance of power. Here Savathûn hides his secrets, between his palace and the swampy areas.

Weapons production
Create custom weapons with unique mods, shaders, and stat combinations. Discover a new type of weapon, the Glaive: it uses powerful melee, blasts of ammunition and an energy shield.

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