Detective Pikachu: The sequel is still in development, says the Creatures team

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Detective Pikachu 2or whatever the sequel to the original will be called, it appears to be still in development according to official site of the Creatures teamwhich logically should be working on the game in question and in fact indicates it among the projects in progress.

The site is in Japanese and is therefore not very easy to navigate for those unfamiliar with the language, however several have reported some updates applied to the “people” section, which contains various information, biographies and curriculum vitae on the developers and members of the Creatures team. from which clues emerge about a sequel to Detective Pikachu in development.

Notably, the developer referred to simply as “KT” appears to be in charge of carrying out some programming elements for the “Detective Pikachu sequel”, as it is currently identified without an official title yet.

The sequel in question had been mentioned in 2019 for Nintendo Switch, but since then there has been no other information, with a silence that lasted so long as to suggest the cancellation of the project. Some clues came only from rather strange sources, such as the catalog of titles present within Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, but without being able to consider them actually official.

Considering the success also enjoyed by the film at the cinema, it is not absurd to think that a Detective Pikachu 2 can actually arrive sooner or later on the Nintendo Switch.

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