Developer made a corridor shooter in 10 minutes, but it’s not what you expect

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Oliver Thurston, developer at Bossa Games, he made in approx ten minutes a corridor shooter which is not exactly what one might expect. Let’s say that it’s more of a way to make fun of those who define it as easy to make video games, especially the more linear ones.

As you can see in the video below, this is a first-person shooter where you shoot… corridors. Yes, the protagonist’s weapon fires an entire room complete with chairs, tables, doors and a lighting system.

The idea is so absurd that it would be really fun to see it applied to a full video game.

Naturally, Thurston’s is just a nice way to comment on the nonsense that people who don’t know how video games are developed write from time to time, but who knows that something concrete might not come of it. After all, the Goat Simulator series was born from a kind of joke, then.

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