Diablo Immortal: a bug reduces the experience points gained by defeating enemies

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Through a long report from a group of Reddit users, we find out that Diablo Immortal includes a bug that decreases experience points gained.

Through the explanation we find that it is not clear how this bug triggers. The bug also triggers differently in each area. Simply put, players haven’t found a clear pattern or cause. The only certainty is clear that it leads to a loss of Experience Points in Diablo Immortal which sometimes even approaches 50%.

In the post some numerical examples are made and some ideas on the possible causes of this Diablo Immortal bug are proposed and discarded.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal players are therefore asking for more feedback to try to understand what is happening, as well as obviously asking Blizzard itself to intervene on the matter.

A game like Diablo Immortal relies heavily on the experience points obtained and suffering a penalty of tens of percentage points is not at all positive for the gaming experience.

Finally, we point out the new trailer with Cradle of Filth, Bury Tomorrow and Witch Fever.

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