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Blizzard has announced the launch today of first major update Of Diablo Immortalwhich adds a lot of content to the game, including the expedition to the Silent Monastery and the exploration of Castle Cyrangar.

Today, 29 September 2022, the first was also launched Battle Pass of Season 5: Descendants of the Storm. Instead, a new boss will be available from October 2, 2022: Izilech the Deformed.

Let’s read the details about the new shipment, Silent Monastery:

What awaits players in the Silent Monastery?

An eerie black mists emanating from the Silent Monastery, an ancient temple of Sahptev, descends from the peaks of Mount Zavain and spreads towards the Watch of the Sentinel, threatening to cover the entire area with an incomprehensible darkness. Players of level 60 and above will be able to gather in parties of two to four in this new dungeon to relive the story of the Zakarum Crusades in the Ivgorod Wastes.

The interior of the Silent Monastery harbors eternal night, making it nearly impossible to explore. Thankfully, some statues in the temple can be lit. Hurry to light these statues, they are the only way to weaken the horrifying demons lurking in the shadows. By lighting up more statues and clearing the expedition of monsters, the darkness will be driven away from the area once and for all.

Once the temple is filled with light, there will be only one direction left to follow: in the obsidian heart of the Silent Monastery. Facing the very soul of the Ancient Nightmare in his lair won’t be easy. If you can survive the relentless barrages of shadowy blasts and ghostly attacks, you’re in for a reward fit for royalty in celebration of your deeds.

Let’s read the details now Cyrangar Castle:

Prepare the Brigade for the new challenge!

Prepare the Brigade for the new challenge!

On the outskirts of Cuor della Marca lies an ancient fortress filled with unspeakable horrors to eradicate, mysterious secrets to uncover, and if you succeed, a new place to call home for your Brigade: Cyrangar Castle. This Brigade exploration experience will replace the Brigade Camps and introduce two repeatable game modes along with passive bonuses that can be upgraded as you conquer and defend the castle.

Before delving further into the specifics of Castle Cyrangar, we want to introduce the big improvements made to the way Brigades work. A big chunk of this patch features new game modes, unique rewards, and other progression systems designed for Brigades. Additionally, we want to address the pain points reported by players regarding Brigades, while providing better rewards for players who decide to take part.

The requirement to kill monsters with the Brigade to establish camp has been removed. We’ve reduced the entry requirement for Brigade Inferiquary Raids from eight to four members. If there are at least four Raid members belonging to the same Brigade, the Raid can be filled by anyone else. Completing the raid in this way will still provide additional rewards from the Brigade to its members.

Successfully completing a Brigade Inferiquary Raid for the first time will now increase the drop chance of items in the Brigade’s Sealed Chests by 400% for its members. The bonus resets every Monday and Thursday.
For start the mission to bring Cyrangar Castle under your Brigade’s banner, you’ll need to be at least level 20, be part of a Brigade, and speak to Valstus in Rakkis Plaza in Heart of the March. Cyrangar Castle contains three main components available to players: Purge the Depths, Brigade Rooms, and Defense of Cyrangar.

Purge the depths of Castle Cyrangar
Once they arrive at Castle Cyrangar, the Brigade will find that there are still unwanted invaders stationed deep within the castle – you will need to purge them to free your new home!

Slashing, crashing, and burning your way through undead threats, you’ll encounter restless spirits forced to rot where they are for all eternity. It will be your job to free them by defeating them, breaking the bond with their tormented receptacle, and then purifying their Remnants. Each Remnant provides unique bonuses applied to the character.

You’ll be able to traverse the deep, randomly generated bowels of Castle Cyrangar on your own or with up to seven other members of the Brigade, as many times as you like.

Once the castle is cleared of unwanted guests, you and your Brigade can occupy the new rooms that become available. Each room offers its own set of unique bonuses provided to whoever occupies it. The head of the brigade will choose who will occupy which room, assigning and reassigning members as many times as she wants. A player may, however, remove himself from a Brigade Room at any time. Each player will receive the benefits of their own room as long as they occupy it, but they may not occupy more than one room at a time.

Brigade Rooms can be upgraded by placing Remnants received from purging the depths of Castle Cyrangar. Doing so will provide additional bonuses to the respective room.

Defense of Cyrangar
Once your Brigade establishes itself in Castle Cyrangar, word will spread among the armies of the Burning Hells that they want to take the keep. They’ll come in full force, so you’ll need to work with the Brigade to repel the hellish horde of demonic destruction heading right to your castle gates. Defense of Cyrangar offers two modes:

There Normal mode can be played once a week. Players will have to withstand eight waves of bloodthirsty demons. If the Brigade manages to repel the spawn of the Underworld, you will receive rewards and experience points for holding the fort.
There Infinite mode can be played as many times as you like. The Brigade will receive a score based on how many waves of vicious demons it has managed to overcome. This mode features a leaderboard, to see how your Brigade fares against the others. Additionally, the top Brigades will receive the Defense of Cyrangar portrait frame for their tenacity.

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