Diablo Immortal is still slated for 2022, changes based on feedback from the beta

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Diablo Immortal it is expected go out again for the 2022according to reports from Activision Blizzard, which also explained how the game can meet some variations based on feedback collected during the beta period.

The game director Wyatt Cheng reported that the game’s release is still expected to arrive in the course of 2022 and that at the time of release it will also have gone through a certain amount of changes, applied based on the feedback that emerged during the beta period to which it was subjected.

These changes span different aspects of the game, from social mechanics to in-game purchases up to the progression of the characters. As for the social sphere, Blizzard is adjusting the system of daily bounties so that they can also be obtained in single player mode and therefore without forcing players to face missions in a group.

However, being an MMO, Blizzard has tried to balance the changes in order to still stimulate the extended multiplayer game, particularly with regard to the Warband system which will provide support for 8 players.

Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play with microtransactions, such as battle passes and other in-app purchases: although battle passes have been well received by players, some other microtransactions will need to be modified and rebalanced in order to be fairer for users.

For more information on the game, we refer you to the tried and tested of the closed beta of Diablo Immortal published last November.

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