Diablo Immortal: The first major update arrives next week

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Blizzard has announced that the first major update Of Diablo Immortaltitled Forgotten Nightmares, will be available starting from September 28, 2022introducing new content and features.

The Update will introduce a brand new expedition that will continue the missions of Silent Monastery. In this adventure players will have to make their way through the darkness of the monastery and find the sources of light to illuminate the room and weaken the nightmares that infest it.

Among other innovations we find the Cyrangar Castle, which will replace the Brigade Camps and introduce new gameplay elements. In Purge the Depths, members will be able to obtain individual powers and obtain Remnants that can be placed in the rooms of the Brigade to give boosts to the occupants. In “Defense of Cyrangar” players will work together with the Brigade to fend off waves of demons and gain additional rewards. These events also allow you to find Ancestral Weapons that you can use to bestow a portion of their attributes on all members of the Brigade.

The Battle Pass of Season 5, Descendants of the Storm, will start from September 29, or the day after the release of the update, with updated challenges, rewards and new cosmetic items. Furthermore, from October 2, players will also be able to face the fifth boss of the Inferiquarium, Izilech the Deformed, a fierce fighter ready to face the mightiest adventurers of the Sanctuary. We will also add new items from a set called the Dark Guide’s Award, which relies on Dash’s abilities to terrify enemies.

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