Digimon World may return with a remake or remaster, Survive still with no release date

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Kazumasu Habu, producer of the Digimon games, revealed in a recent Q&A at Digimon Con 2022 that he is seriously considering the possibility of making a porting, a remaster or a remake of Digimon World, the brand’s first video game, released on PlayStation in 2001 in Europe and particularly popular with fans of the series. Always from the event we learn that Digimon Survive doesn’t have one yet exit datewith the development that has apparently been troubled to say the least.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a port or remake of the original Digimon World,” said Habu. “I’m evaluating it positively. But at the same time, I’m also thinking about which solution, between port, remaster or remake, is the best.”

“If I choose a port / remaster, I think it will be highly feasible. In the case of remakes, we need to think about how many additional elements we should incorporate. Digimon World has a great balance between File Island and the Digimon that appear. If we add new areas or Digimon I think we should treat it as a new product rather than a remake. ”

The first Digimon World was a monster breeder in which the player must explore far and wide an island made up of various biomes and hit by a catastrophe that made the Digimon lose their memory and aggressive. The goal is to rebuild the city of File City and to do so you have to rely on allied monster. The peculiarity in this sense is that the Digimon in question had a limited life cycle, at the end of which it “died” and then resurrected in a new creature at the first evolutionary stage, only partially inheriting the traits of its predecessor, thus creating a ‘ alternation of breeding, exploration and fighting phases.

As for Digimon Survive, a new trailer (from 25:44 to 27:48 of the video above) which introduces the protagonists of the game. In addition, Habu spoke of the continuous postponements of the game, the last one occurred just a few months ago.

The producer apologizes to the fans for the long wait and states that at the moment the release date is still to be decided internally. He also explains that the project had serious internal problems and also it was in progress entrusted to a new development teamwhich further slowed down the work.

“We are now developing the game with a new development team (HYDE, according to Bandai Namco’s website). This change has led to many aspects of the game being reworked, causing delays,” Habu explains, reassuring fans that now work on Digimon Survive is progressing at full speed. “However, thanks to the efforts of the new development team, we are now able to get back on track, getting closer and closer to completing the game.”

Finally Habu confirmed that Bandai Namco is also developing a new one Digimon Story and will be linked to the group ‘”Olympos XII” seen in some animated series.

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