Does Sifu run better on PS5 or PC? Here is the analysis from Digital Foundry

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It was runs better on PS5 or up PC? The analysis carried out by Digital Foundry aims to provide us with an answer, starting as usual with a detailed overview of the game developed by Sloclap and its technical characteristics.

A great title, however: in our review of Sifu we talked about how the combat system developed by the authors, it works almost perfectly, delivering precise and thick mechanics over the course of the demanding single player campaign.

But let’s get back to comparisonwhich sees the two versions basically on par: su PlayStation 5 Sifu runs at real 4K although with the possibility of activating a dynamic scaler which, however, never seems to come into action, while on the Windows platform everything obviously depends on the hardware configuration.

The Sony console can count on the support of the peculiarities of the controller DualSensealthough this aspect has not been exploited very well, while using a lower quality preset for the shadows, with some jaggedness that can be noticed by looking closely.

THE uploads on PS5 they are faster than even different SSDs on PC, while finally the frame rate on the Sony console it is very solid, with 60 fps stable in any situation, but in the Windows environment it is possible to aim even higher, albeit with some compromises.

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