Dontnod: 8 games in development also with the Tolima team, results of Vampyr and Twin Mirror

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Here comes some interesting information on Dontnodthe team responsible for Life is Strange, from the recent financial documents under which we become aware of 8 games in developmentincluding projects in collaboration with the Tolima teamin addition to the results of Vampyr and Twin Mirror.

The collaboration with Tolima, a new development team based in Belgium, concerns a game that appears to be of considerable importance in Dontnod’s economy, but there is no information yet and the Brussels-based team itself is still unknown, having been founded practically a year ago. It is interesting to note that Dontnod has 8 projects in the works, with games destined to come out from here until 2025 and among which we find, in addition to the collaboration with Tolima, also another partnership with the PortaPlay team, while the others are all developed internally. among the studies of the company.

Among these is a game in co-production with Focus Entertainment announced as early as 2018 and which will be a action RPGstill without release date or details about it, expected to arrive probably in the course of 2023. In addition, various projects are being carried out by Dontnod Montreal, who is now working on a narrative-based game under the guidance of the authors of Life is Strange .

The financial results show that Vampyr sold 2 million copies and 8 million were free downloads from the Epic Games Store.

Vampyr, an image from the game

The team rates it “The greater success financial achieved so far together with the first Life is Strange “, probably also including the compensation obtained by Epic Games for the distribution of the free game through its Store.

On the contrary, Twin Mirror did not achieve the objectives expected, although it was also partially financed by Epic Games with the 1-year exclusivity on the Epic Games Store: reportedly, the revenues made it possible to cover only 75% of production costs.

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