Dragon Age 4: 18 months to release and development is going great for Grubb

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Fans of Dragon Age 4 they can rest assured. This, in a nutshell, is what he said Jeff Grubb. The BioWare game will be out in 18 months and development is progressing very well.

More precisely, Grubb claimed that Dragon Age 4 is in great shape and that the team is achieving all intermediate development goals. In other words, for the moment there are no problems in sight and the release date – scheduled for 18 months from now – is still the current goal of the team. The game should therefore arrive towards the end of 2023.

The information was shared via the most recent GrubbSnax, Grubb’s show at Giantbomb. As always, remember that this is a rumor, not official information. Even assuming that Grubb’s report is correct, there is still a long way to go before release, so it’s possible that BioWare runs into unexpected new problems and that Dragon Age 4 slows down. Sadly, that’s no oddity in the world of video games, so for now, we recommend that you keep your expectations in check.

In any case, it is about positive news for the moment: it seems that Dragon Age 4 is in good condition, after a long period of uncertainty.

Waiting for official news, we reveal a curiosity about Dragon Age: the game world, “Thedas”, is a provisional acronym that has become definitive!

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