Dragon Age 4 is halfway through production, BioWare updates on the state of development

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BioWare has updated everyone on the work progress as for Dragon Age 4, or just plain Dragon Agein any case the new chapter of the series currently in development for PC and next gen platforms which, apparently, is located at half of production.

Gary McKay, project manager, explained that the development of the games includes a pre-production phase in which the project is completed and all the features that the title will have to have are devised, including a general work plan. Next comes the production, which is the central phase where the project is made and the elements of the game are actually developed to form a complete title in terms of content.

Then we move on to the alpha and beta phases, which mainly concern the conclusion of the contents and the general refinement of the game in technical terms, in addition to the various checks regarding the presence of bugs or problems to be solved and the addition of various improvements between graphics and others additional elements.

In this scan of the work, Dragon Age is currently in mid-production, McKay said.

It is difficult to define precisely where e is in fact how much time still missing before we see the game in full form, but it is possible that it is still at least a year of waiting, but probably more, although at the moment it is simply a forecast with no supporting evidence. In this sense, Jeff Grubb’s prediction that emerged in recent days, on the fact that there will probably be at least 18 months at the release of Dragon Age, would prove to be quite credible.

On the occasion, McKay also reported some changes made within the team: with the departure of Christian Dailey, the new production director is Mac Walters, who previously worked on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, with Corrine Busche in the role of game directorwhile Benoit Houle is the director of product development.

“Over the course of this year, you will begin to get more information from the Dragon Age team, in the form of blogs and social content,” McKay said, hinting that a smoother flow of information about the game in development will soon begin. “As we move through development, we will also be in more regular communication with players in our community. As passionate as you are, we take your feedback very seriously.”

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