Dragon Age Trilogy Remaster is not in EA’s plans, according to Jeff Grubb

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Jeff Grubb has his say on a possible Dragon Age Trilogy Remaster, which is a collection of the chapters of the saga in the style of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. According to the reporter, none of this is in the Electronic Arts plans.

Within your own podcast GrubbSnax, the Giantbomb reporter said Dragon Age, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age Inquisition will not be modernized for the latest consoles and computers. One of the reasons, as indicated, is that the games are not narratively connected as much as Mass Effect.

As fans know, i various chapters of Dragon Age are set in the same world and various characters reappear between one chapter and the next, but still tell separate stories and the protagonist changes every time, unlike Mass Effect where we are always Shepard (with the exception of Andromeda, which, however, is not part of the Legendary Edition).

Dragon Age Inquisition

We add that the various chapters of Dragon Age they are very different from each other and are much larger games than Mass Effect – reworking them for modern consoles would require more effort than Mass Effect.

As always, remember that Grubb’s are not official information, but only rumors and leaks. However, the reporter also revealed positive information about Dragon Age 4, which will make fans happy.

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