Dragon Ball FighterZ will soon be on PC Game Pass, available tomorrow

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Dragon Ball FighterZ also comes up PC Game Pass and will be included from tomorrow in the catalog dedicated to PC users of the Microsoft subscription service, thus also allowing those who play on the Windows platform to take part in the battles of the excellent title Arc System Works.

Available for some time in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on consoles, Dragon Ball FighterZ will therefore arrive tomorrow, February 24, 2022also on PC Game Pass, as the service is now called as regards its section exclusively dedicated to the PC, which sometimes continues with some differences compared to that for Xbox.

In this case, the lack was soon filled with the arrival of the title in question in the next few hours: the game is a fighting game a classic one-on-one setting structured as a tag team, or with teams made up of three characters, although the clash is always between two fighters at a time, except for special moves that require the support of some allies.

Obviously it is based on the famous license of manga / anime by Akira Toriyamain this case reproduced in a truly faithful way by the graphic style adopted by Arc System Works, which uses the 3D in cel shading to propose a stroke that really closely resembles the original one of the anime.

Just in these days we have seen the video announcing the arrival of Android 21 as DLC.

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