Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a trailer with Majin Buu and the Farmer from TGS 2022

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers was shown to TGS 2022 with a trailer which introduces two new characters, in this case Majin Buu and the Farmerrespectively a Reaper and a Survivor.

Some time ago we tried Dragon Ball: The Breakers and you will remember how the experience developed by Bandai Namco is a asymmetric multiplayer along the lines of the classic Dead by Daylight, only with Dragon Ball characters instead of killers and survivors.

Majin Buu obviously lends itself very well to the mechanics of the game, which see the Raider progressively transform over the course of the game and become stronger each time. He therefore starts with the fat Bu, then moving on to his lean version and finally to the wicked and very strong small version.

As for the Farmer, it is one of the many variants available for the Survivors: characters created from scratch or taken from background sequences of Akira Toriyama’s work, and precisely for this reason capable of giving the idea of ​​men powerless in the face of Raiders.

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