Dune: Spice Wars: the first gameplay video

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Let’s see the first video Of gameplay Of Dune: Spice Warsreal-time strategy with 4X elements set in the universe created by Frank Herbert, in development for PC and coming in early access in 2022, at a date yet to be determined.

The video, which you can find at the head of the news, shows pure game sequences. Some show the planet Arrakis, where the action will take place. Others are dedicated to exploring maps and collecting resources. Finally, we can see the movements of the troops and even a battle. A godsend for Dune fans.

If you want more information, check out our recent preview of Dune: Spice Wars, in which we wrote:

Will Dune: Spice Wars lead the universe imagined by Frank Herbert to the top of strategic again? Thanks to the name it will certainly be talked about, but such a license must be handled with care. Fortunately, even from the point of view of the gameplay everything seems to be in its place, but to unbalance ourselves we expect to find out more …

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