Dune: The co-writer had created an opening scene that would cost the whole film

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According to an interview with IndieWire, the co-writer of the film Dune – Eric Roth – had originally envisioned one opening scene so incredible that it would cost as much as the entire film.

In the interview, Roth he explained that being chosen is an oddity. The screenwriter has had great success in transposing books (Forrest Gump, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Insider, A Star is Born, Munich), but does not usually devote himself to sci-fi films.

A part of the cast of Dune

Roth explained that this was actually an advantage, as he was able to propose an external point of view, different from that of historical fans of Dune and the genre. Roth then explained that he had created one Genesis-style opening sceneduring which we would have experienced the entire formation of a planet: the viewer would have thought it was the Earth, but in the end he would have discovered that it was Arrakis (ie the main setting of Dune), with its animals and “things that you have never seen “.

The film directorDenis Villeneuve, however, replied: “It’s great, but now we can’t afford the rest of the film.” Roth admits that the claim may not be true and that maybe it was just the director’s way of saying “I don’t want to do this”, but nonetheless it was a very expensive opening scene to produce, as he had envisioned it. .

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