Dying Light 2: Italians mocked on Metacritic for asking for dubbing in our language

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User reviews of Dying Light 2: Stay Human up Metacritic they have become a battlefield and are filling up with mocking comments Italians for asking for the dubbing of the game in our language, in a way that is actually too hot.

It all began with the flood of “0” votes from our compatriots, given to protest the lack of dubbing in Italian. Mind you that Daying Light 2 is subtitled in Italian. Simply, as is happening more and more often now, the dialogues have not been dubbed for the obvious reason that our market is too small for such securities and it is not worth investing too much in them.

Given the flood of ultranegative evaluations, which lowered the average rating of the users, the fans of the Techland game decided to react by starting a real anti-Italian campaign, made up of 10 votes given with reasons such as: “The lack of dubbing in Italian is a really positive aspect. Best game of 2022. Definitely a 10/10,” or also “Oh mama! Great game! 10/10 PS Italians do not wash their hands after peeing,” or again “Italian makaroni pasta lazania Luigi Mario ducze. Italian languago is easy if you were a Nazi during World War II.

Anti-Italian comments in the evaluations of Dying Light 2 on Metacritic

Obviously certain reactions and certain comments with tones racists towards us, which make extensive use of hateful clichés and stereotypes, they are not justified in any way, but in this case it is the whole picture that is bleak, both for how it was born and for what it resulted in.

We hope that Metacritic will clean up so much human misery, even if we hope little.

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