Dying Light 2 on Xbox Series X goes beyond 60 fps with the VRR update

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human on Xbox Series X seems to have received a noticeable boost in performance with the addition of the VRR supportwith the game now exceeds 60 fps on the Microsoft console thanks to the frame-rate release.

As had been reported in recent days, Dying Light 2 received a patch that among other things introduced the 60+ fps mode with VRR already a few days after the launch, followed by another update yesterday, February 11, 2022. As it turns out, this addition is paying off, as the game now appears to be running at over 60fps on a fairly regular basis on Xbox Series X.

With the support of the VRR the Techland team has essentially removed the cap imposed on the frame-rateallowing the game to exceed the 60 fps limit, balancing the issue with the regularization imposed by the variable refresh system that synchronizes the display between the video output of the console and the TV.

As reported by some, such as Klobrille on Twitter, the update leads Dying Light 2 to reach a frame-rate between 80 and 110 fps, but still maintaining a certain fluidity even at such high refresh rates. As proof, the insider also posted a screenshot showing VRR information from the LG TV’s HUD, showing a 109Hz refresh. Meanwhile, Dying Light 2 hit three million gamers in the first weekend.

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