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The Techland team has announced the arrival of a patch for all versions of Dying Light 2: Stay Human which will bring a series of fixes as well as a mode a 60+ fps with VRR for Xbox Series X and improvements to DLSS for PC.

In a series of Twitter posts, the developers offered a preview of what players can expect with this week’s patch and anticipate what they are working on for subsequent updates. On consoles, the patch should arrive at the latest by mid-week, while on PC it could be available as early as the next few hours.

As for the version PC of Dying Light 2, among the most important news coming with the next update we find improvements for the DLSS and therefore gamers with a compatible GPU may notice better performance once the update is installed. There are also fixes for bugs that cause the application to crash, infinite black screens and a problem that prevents players from selling valuables to sellers. With subsequent updates, however, Techland intends to add backups of saves and solve problems related to the configuration of the mouse keys, progression blocks, visual bugs and much more.

The patch for the versions PlayStation instead it should improve performance, balance and fix connection stability issues, co-op stealth phases, fast travel limitations once the game is complete, and occasional screen flickering on PS5. As for the news coming later there are additional graphics settings (including motion blur), backups of saves and troubleshooting related to progression.

Finally, the patch for Xbox will add a 60+ fps mode with VRR for Xbox Series X and, as in the case of the PlayStation versions, will improve performance, balance and solve various problems, such as those of connection stability and fast travel. Again, future updates will add save backups, additional video settings, and fix progression issues.

In the meantime, Dying Light 2 has been received with great enthusiasm on Steam, where it has won 6 positions out of 10 of the top 10 of the best-selling games, while in the United Kingdom it debuts in second place, touching the top of the ranking.

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