Dying Light 2: Stay Human, trailer shows Authority Pack, the first free DLC

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Techland has published a new trailer Of Dying Light 2: Stay Humanto reveal Authority Pack, the game’s first free DLC. This is the first of a trio of bonus content given to players and is available from today, February 14, 2022, on Valentine’s Day.

As clearly visible from the video, the Authority Pack essentially includes equipment related to law enforcement. The first package offers a bib, jogger pants and sneakers, the second will offer a helmet, bracelets and gloves, while the third a new weapon. Probably the other two DLC the first will follow shortly, since the contents are all linked together. Be that as it may, they still don’t have a date yet. We just have to wait for Techland to let us know something.

For the rest we remind you that Dying Light 2 is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5. If you want to know more, read our review, in which we wrote:

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the living emblem of the wish but I cannot, of that aiming too high that can sometimes cause you to fall ruinously. Let’s be clear, this is a game that can be very fun and rewarding, with good progression and an overflowing amount of content that will thrill all fans of the first chapter. However, it is evident in too many contexts that something in the course of development did not go the right way and this forced the team to make cuts in the story, approximations in the physics engine and in the management of artificial intelligence, as well as forced them to dedicate less time than expected to clean up and optimize your code. If you are looking for a dense, original action that knows how to get noticed in the sea of ​​open world of recent years thanks to some peculiarities, you can launch yourself on this game, but keep in mind our criticisms since you will necessarily have to pass over a whole series of issues.

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