Dying Light 2: video comparison between the trailers of the E3 2018/2019 and the final version, what changes?

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YouTuber Nick930 shared a comparison video dedicated to Dying Light 2, in which he puts side by side the trailers of E3 2018 and 2019 with the final game. The video shows us what has changed from the first presentations of the adventure to today.

Nick930 first explains that he is playing the game on PC at maximum quality, including the use of ray tracing. Also, he points out that old trailers might be a bit grainy at times due to the quality of the original videos. Having said that, the footage of him is perfect for making a comparison related to the style and mechanics that were presented years ago and that are actually present in the game.

Generally, Nick930 points out that the city ​​of Dying Light 2 has changed considerably since the very first presentations. First of all, the game is chromatically more saturated and has a less realistic style, also due to the lighting system. Furthermore, the city is less dense in elements and buildings: the streets are more spacious and the structure is simpler, with the roofs being a series of large rectangular spaces, with fewer differences in height and shape. All this also serves to have more spaces in which to move and fight.

The terms of mechanicalinstead, we can see that the possibility of using large billboards and one’s own knife to be able to “slide” towards the ground in safety has disappeared. Other mechanics, such as climbing and the use of binoculars, remain. The video then compares with some specific missions and areas shown in the original trailers, revealing artistic and technical changes, including the character design and the positions and colors of the light sources.

If you are looking for curiosities related to Dying Light 2, you should know that the game was finished in less than 5 hours by the Italian Dot Dot: it is a world record.

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