EA: Executive Laura Miele criticizes the video game industry on discrimination

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During DICE 2022, the Chief Operating Officer of EA, Laura Mielespoke in his speech of the allegations of discrimination and abuse which have emerged frequently, in recent years, within thevideo game industry.

It was both one criticism than self-criticism obviously, considering that EA is not exempt from these problems, but it was an interesting and particularly heartfelt keynote from Miele, which seems to have quite hit the mark. Honey did not point the finger in a precise manner by making names and surnames, but it is clear that she also wanted to talk about Activision Blizzard and its boss, Bobby Kotick, within the speech.

In particular, speaking of “stories about the neglect devoted to accusations of this type, which come from leaders who fail to maintain the adequate and expected standards of this industry”, he reported these people in important roles and leadership of companies. “they have to go”when they fail to at least maintain the basic standards of civilian work.

Then he also spoke of women in particular: “there are women who have been abused, bullied, marginalized and whose careers have been blocked, who have lower wages”, explained Miele, this perhaps also in reference to the accusations made against Sony which the company is trying to counter with its own defensive line that emerged just yesterday.

“These are true stories about real people, and they are all things that happen in our companies and in our industry,” Miele said. The most important example regarding this unedifying situation probably comes from Activision Blizzard and its CEO, but it is not the only one: even the EA itself has shown to be immersed in this culture, as well as Ubisoft and other exponents, therefore Miele’s discourse must in any case be extended to a wide variety of current realities, as she herself reported.

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