EA Sports says who will win the 2022 World Cup: will the FIFA 23 publisher guess for the fourth time?

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As football fans will know, the world cup 2022. EA Sports has therefore decided to share his prediction on who will be the tournament winner. FIFA 23 editor’s answer is Argentina. If EA guesses right, it will be the fourth time in a row.

Recall that EA Sports said that in 2018 France would win, while in 2014 it had bet on Germany and in 2010 on Spain. All three predictions turned out to be correct, so we believe that some fans are starting to believe that the publisher of FIFA 23 really has the ability to guess who is going to win.

Self Argentina won, it would be the first World Cup since 1986. It would also be excellent news for Messi, who could boast another prize. FIFA 23 also states that Messi will get the Golden Boot of the World Cup and the Ballon d’Or, meaning that he will be the player who scores the most goals and the one voted for the best.

FIFA 23 will allow us to play the World Cup from our home

EA Sports therefore had its say: we will have to wait for the next few weeks to see if he will actually be able to guess a fourth time – that would certainly be a remarkable achievement.

Finally, we recall that i relationship between EA Sports and FIFA are coming to an end: the company will no longer publish its football game under the name “FIFA” from 2023 and will instead use the name “EA Sports FC”, probably less impactful but also much less expensive. We also remember that the contracts for the features of the players, the shirts and the stadiums are not linked to the agreement with FIFA, so in terms of content there shouldn’t be any substantial changes.

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