eBay offers: 75-inch LG Mini LED smart TV at a huge discount

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Today’s eBay offers offer us a discount for an LG 75-inch Mini LED smart TV. The current price is €1,299, instead of an insertion price of €2,299. The average price is €1,799. You can find the product at this address.

The salesperson is monclick-italia, with 96.6% positive feedback. Payment is possible via PayPal, Visa, G Pay, Mastercard, American Express. The buyer pays the shipping costs for returning the item.

This smart TVs it is 167.5 cm wide and 104.3 cm high. It mounts an AI-powered α7 Gen 5 processor and supports 4K gaming up to 120fps with variable refresh. It includes a pointer remote control and obviously allows you to use the main streaming apps.

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LG 75 inch Mini LED Smart TV

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