Edge Votes: Horizon Forbidden West is only discreet, OlliOlli World shines instead

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The Edge number 369 and will not fail to generate discussions because, in votes assigned with his reviews, there is that of Horizon Forbidden West that you take only one vote discreetor a 7, which is not bad in the British magazine’s scale of values ​​but will probably be judged too low by many passionate users, also considering how in the same issue OlliOlli World has brought home a resounding 9.

So let’s see the votes assigned in Edge number 369:

  • Horizon Forbidden West – 7
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human – 7
  • Sifu – 8
  • Rainbow Six Extraction – 7
  • Pokémon Legends: Acres – 7
  • OlliOlli World – 9
  • Strange Horticulture – 8
  • Wanderer – 7
  • Not for Broadcast – 7
  • Please, Touch the Artwork – 7

On Horizon Forbidden West, Edge argues that the exploration of the world is the real strength of the game, which for the rest, however, is substantially similar to the first chapter, so the way in which it was received will be replicated also for this sequel, being a more of the same.

Note the same rating assigned to the other big game of the month, or Dying Light 2: Stay Human, appreciated but also with some reductions imposed on the initial vision that had been announced by Techland.

Horizon Forbidden West, an image from the game

On the other hand, Sifu’s evaluation was better, decidedly positive, while optimal is the vote of OlliOlli World.

It should be noted, however, that for the month in question there is no score below 7 and this perhaps represents a record for Edge, which usually does not even skimp on various shortcomings. For the rest, the game on the cover is Ghostwire Tokyo, the protagonist of an extended special on the pages of the magazine.

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