Elden Ring: 1.01 update patch notes revealed, here are the details of the D1 changes

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PlayStation Game Size, a Twitter account dedicated to finding information on the PS Store, has shared some details on the patch notes of theElden Ring update 1.01the highly anticipated action RPG from FromSoftware.

Precisely, the Elden Ring update 1.01 patch notes reads:

  • New features added
  • Game balance improved
  • Improved game performance and usability
  • Fixed some bugs

Update 1.01, therefore, takes care of solving some problems in the game, in time for D1. PlayStation Game Size also told us how much this update should weigh and what the total weight of the game will be.

An ambush on an Elden Ring caravan

We also already knew that the development team has proceeded to introduce a series of tweaks and balances to the game, changing the power of some objects and enemies. Specifically, one of the weakened enemies is the first boss of the Elden Ring Network Test, which was too powerful according to the game’s producer.

As always, it’s credible that the very first update isn’t Elden Ring’s latest. The game looks massive and it is possible that there will be many small changes to be made in the weeks following its release, also in response to player feedback.

Pending the release and our review, we refer you to our latest test, in which we answered various doubts that emerged after the Network Test.

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