Elden Ring, 100 players will receive the title of Elden Lord or Lady in the UK

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Elden Ring will see 100 players British receive the official title of Elden Lord or Elden Lady thanks to an initiative by Bandai Namco UK in collaboration with Highland Titles.

While the expectation is growing for the reviews of Elden Ring, which will be published today from 16.00, the publisher has therefore decided to take advantage of the dark fantasy setting of FromSoftware’s action RPG to give life to a contest definitely different from the usual.

Clearly the title of Elden Lord or Elden Lady will not have the same value as a hereditary title, but it can be used on legal documents and people who have been awarded it appear to have experienced a whole host of benefits in everyday life, from first-class upgrades to preferential treatment.

Elden Ring, the certification of Elden Lord or Lady

That’s not all: contest winners will also receive the right to own a piece of land ranging in size, up to 9 square meters, located in the Highland Titles nature reserve near Glencoe, Scotland.

To participate in the initiative, you must necessarily be resident in the UK or Ireland and be over 16 years of age. What you need to do is send a message to eldenlord@bandainamcoent.eu from February 25 to March 11 and explain why you would be worthy of the title of Elden Lord.

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