Elden Ring: A Beginner Video Guide from Bandai Namco

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If you don’t feel able to play Elden Ring fear not, because Bandai Namco just released one video guide for beginners, aimed at giving information on the fundamental aspects of the game. To illustrate all the various concepts we think Vaatividya, specialist of the titles of FromSoftware.

The video, which you find at the head of the news, lasts almost twenty minutes and shows through sequences of gameplay how to behave in the game, starting from the exploration, passing through the combat system up to the magic, with all its facets. As well as being a good guide, it’s also a great way to see the game in action again, which never hurts.

Elden Ring is definitely the game of the moment and one of the potential games of the year. Although it has been available for less than 24 hours, it has recorded some records, such as that of contemporary players on Steam, which make it clear the dimensions of its success. With the first issues of the genre, it is likely that it has already sold a few million copies.

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